Closing of the Christmas Festival on 7 January at 7:00 pm coincides with the time, when the Orthodox world will celebrate Christmas. Latvian Radio Choir, conducted by Sigvards Kļava, will perform the programme “Orthodox Prayers and Chants” with compositions by Georgy Sviridov and Alexander Gretchaninov – geniuses of Russian sacred music. 

Performances of Russian sacred music by the Latvian Radio Choir and conductor Sigvards Kļava have always touched the hearts of listeners both in Latvia and around the world, earning praising reviews from prestigious publications such as Gramophone, The Guardian and others.

Foreign critics of the album “Prayers and Chants” by Georgy Sviridov recorded by Latvian Radio Choir in 2018 wrote that “Radio Choir, conducted by Sigvards Kļava, has been able to reveal the deepest meaning of these compositions, merging the line between liturgy and personal experience. The journey they take their listeners on is amazing.”

In the concert, Latvian Radio Choir will also perform parts of “Vigilia” by Alexander Gretchaninov – a summary of Slavic soul and church music.

Latvian Radio Choir will perform at the Dzintari Concert Hall!